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Our vets and pet nutritionists have travelled the world to learn
pet wellness. With macro and micro nutrients, Henlo imbibes
the best in dog nutrition!

Say henlo to the finest
dog nutrition topper

See the change in just
6 weeks

A natural supplement to meet
their dietary requirements.

After multiple trials, extensive tests, and in-
depth interviews, we found:

90% Palatability

Over 70% showed improvement in skin and coat

Over 60% showed a marked increase in energy levels

Find out the perfect portion:

A Scoopful of Nutrition



With its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is great at easing hip and joint pain in dogs.



A great anti-oxidant, turmeric helps boost the immunity system of dogs and its blood thinning properties help reduce blood clots.



Apart from being anti-inflammatory and a source of anti-oxidants, cinnamon helps manage dog diabetes and improve brain function.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Along with being an anti-inflammatory, it also acts as a potentiator of turmeric and enhances its benefits.

Coconut Extract

Coconut Extract

Known for helping skin and fur shine, coconut extract also helps dogs fight harmful fungi and bacteria and reduce bad breath.



With its anti-oxidant properties, Taurine helps protect against cellular damage and has both neuro and cardio protective properties.



L-carnitine helps cells utilize fatty acids for energy, aids exercise recovery, and encourages muscle growth.

Doggos that swear by henlo

We had topped all her meals with the powder and she seemed to really enjoy it. It was definitely an enhancer to her palette along with added nutrition making it wholesome.

John & Priyanka
Dog Parents to Pepper

He has become more active, stays energized all day plus the ingredients are easy to digest as well.. and not to forget, he loves the taste so much that he's eagerly waiting for the next serving.

Deepranjan & Vidhya
Dog Parents to Moti

He seems to love the taste and it has increased his apetitte. Now he has two full meals instead of one.

Kunal & Suchita
Dog Parents to Tommy

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to see changes in my dog's health?

When taken on a regular basis, as recommended, most dogs will begin to show results within 4-6 weeks

What if I give my pet more than the recommended amount of topper?

Our product has been carefully balanced with your dog’s weight in mind and we always recommend that you stick to the suggested once-daily dose. If you mistakenly gave the pet an amount that is slightly higher than recommended, it should be fine. But please monitor it continuosly. If your dog accidently consumed a large amount, then it is recommended to consult a vet.

Is the nutrition topper safe for puppies and pregnant dogs?

The topper is designed for adult dogs and their needs. Puppies require a puppy specific multivitamin until they are a year old.

Will my dog like the taste?

We have extensively tested the taste of our topper. Dog parents have given us an extremely positive feedback. Even dogs who were picky about their food have started to like their food with Henlo sprinkled on top.

Is the henlo nutrition topper gluten-free?

Yes. Along with being gluten free, the topper is also non-GMO.

Can I eat my dog’s nutrition topper?

While occasional consumption of small quantities of the topper should be fine, we do not recommend you consume it to fulfil your daily nutrition requirements.

How do I serve the topper to my dog?

Simply add the recommended quantities of the topper to your dog's food once a day. No cooking necessary.

What is the recommended amount to feed the pet?

It varies as per the weight of the dog: For dogs less than 12kg, 1 spoon of Henlo once a day is recommended For dogs between 12kg and 32kg, 2 spoons of Henlo once a day is recommended For dogs more than 32kg, 3 spoons of Henlo once a day is recommended.

How do I start feeding it to my dog?

Unlike normal dog food that requires a slow transition when changing brands, you can start feeding Henlo nutrition topper as per instruction provided from day zero itself.

Can this be given to dogs of any age, any breed, with any kind of food?

Yes it can be given to all dog breeds of all sizes at all ages and with any kind of food.

My dog is having health issues post feeding the topper?

We can assure you our products have been tried and tested. However, we are happy to offer you a free vet consultation to get your buddy consulted with our team of Vets who have formulated this product. Please drop off your details with our customer care and our vets will reach out to you shortly. Our email ID is

What are the terms of service?

You can find our detailed here