Boosts your dog's
home-cooked meals
with essential

Increasing your pet's
lifespan, one meal at
a time.

Nourish your pet with
human-grade ingredients

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Doggos that swear by henlo

We had topped all her meals with the powder and she seemed to really enjoy it. It was definitely an enhancer to her palette along with added nutrition making it wholesome.

John & Priyanka
Dog Parents to Pepper

He has become more active, stays energized all day plus the ingredients are easy to digest as well.. and not to forget, he loves the taste so much that he's eagerly waiting for the next serving.

Deepranjan & Vidhya
Dog Parents to Moti

He seems to love the taste and it has increased his apetitte. Now he has two full meals instead of one.

Kunal & Suchita
Dog Parents to Tommy