What's different about

Nutrition - packed  formula


100% human-grade chicken


Nutrient-dense with freeze-dried
veggies and clean protein


Organic Indian herbs


No fillers & additives

Baked in Artisanal Batches


Baked at low heat to Retain


Small batch production for
attention to detail


Crafted for lasting freshness in our
state-of-the-art Production Centre

nose-friendly for humans, full-bodied for dogs


Loved by fussy eaters


Smell it for yourself!

Say henlo to the finest
dog food

Consistency is key

Say no to nasties

Discover our ingredients

Chicken Whole Eggs Cinnamon Green Beans Pumpkin Carrot Beetroot Sweet Potato Vitamins/Minerals

Doggos that swear by henlo

We had topped all her meals with the powder and she seemed to really enjoy it. It was definitely an enhancer to her palette along with added nutrition making it wholesome.

John & Priyanka
Dog Parents to Pepper

He has become more active, stays energized all day plus the ingredients are easy to digest as well.. and not to forget, he loves the taste so much that he's eagerly waiting for the next serving.

Deepranjan & Vidhya
Dog Parents to Moti

He seems to love the taste and it has increased his apetitte. Now he has two full meals instead of one.

Kunal & Suchita
Dog Parents to Tommy

Frequently asked questions

How should I introduce Henlo Baked Dry Food to dogs?

Introducing a new diet in your dog's current food requires a gradual transition to avoid any gastrointestinal upset such as vomiting, diarrhea, or decreased appetite. Your dog's system needs time to adjust to new food and get used to it. To ace, the food-switching process follow these feeding portions: Day 1-3-1/4th of Henlo to 3/4th existing dry food , Day 3-5-1/2 Henlo and 1/2 existing dry food,Day 6-7-3/4th of Henlo to 1/4th existing dry food ,Day 8 - Transition to 100% Henlo Baked Dry Food.

Why are fillers and meat leftovers bad for dogs?

Fillers and meat by-products are added to the dog food to increase the volume of the food, but it fails to provide any significant nutritional benefits. This practice is often used to lower the production cost, which can negatively impact your dog's health like weight gain, nutrient deficiencies, food allergies, nutrition imbalance, and many other health hazards. Henlo Baked Dry Food for dogs is formulated with 100% human-grade ingredients, with 0 fillers and additives.

What is the recommended amount to feed my dog?

We've developed a state-of-the-art feeding calculator that gives you the exact portion of Henlo Baked Dry Food you need to feed your dog. You can access the calculator here. We can assure you our products have been tried and tested. However, we are happy to offer you a free vet consultation to get your buddy consulted with our team of Vets who have formulated this product. Please do reach out to us on our email ID at welovepets@sayhenlo.com

How is Henlo Baked Dry Food Made?

Henlo Baked Dry Food is made of 100% human-grade ingredients like chicken breast, eggs, chicken liver, fresh-freeze dried vegetables, organic spices, and a mix of essential vitamins and minerals. This blend is then baked at a low-heat temperature to ensure maximum crunch and full-bodied flavours in each bite.Henlo FAQ’s

What are the benefits of baking?

Baking (as against the extrusion method used for regular dry food) allows us to ensure that the food is fresh. This preserves nutrients and reduces the risk of spoilage. Unlike the extrusion process for making dry food for dogs, which exposes the ingredients to multiple cycles of high temperatures and pressure, reducing the nutritional value, the baking method involves a single, slow heating process at low heat without the use of high pressure, preserving the quality of the food.

Is Henlo Baked Dry Food for Dogs a complete and balanced meal?

Most definitely! Our recipe is formulated by the best minds in the industry- Our Chief Vet and Nutritionist. They have taken great care in ensuring that our recipes for puppies and adult dogs meet their unique growing needs respectively