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Our vets and pet nutritionists have travelled the world to learn pet wellness. With macro and micro nutrients, Henlo imbibes the best in dog nutrition!

Healthier Heart

With Taurine and L-Cartinine, 2 essential amino acids that aid the heart’spumping.

Skin & Coat Health

With Biotin and Zinc that help synthesise fatty acids for better skin, coat, and nails.

Joint Agility

With Chondroitin and Glucosamine, that nourish cartilage tissue and absorb shock during movement.

Gut Health

With Pre and Probiotics that maintain healthy bacteria in the stomach to improve digestion and immunity.

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Human Grade Chicken
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A Scoopful of Nutrition


With its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is great at easing hip and joint pain in dogs


A great anti-oxidant, turmeric helps boost the immunity system of dogs and its blood thinning properties help reduce blood clots

Coconut extract

Known for helping skin and fur shine, coconut extract also helps dogs fight harmful fungi and bacteria and reduce bad breath


Apart from being anti-inflammatory and a source of anti-oxidants, cinnamon helps manage dog diabetes and improve brain function


With its anti-oxidant properties, Taurine helps protect against cellular damage and has both neuro and cardio protective properties.


Glucosamine is an essential building block in the structure of joint tendons, cartilage and ligaments


L-carnitine helps cells utilize fatty acids for energy, aids exercise recovery, and encourages muscle growth


Chondroitin is what gives your dog's cartilage the soft, spongy texture it needs to cushion and protect the joints

Black pepper

Along with being an anti-inflammatory, it also acts as a potentiator of turmeric and enhances its benefits

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